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Integrex i-150


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The INTEGREX i-150 defines a new standard for small multi-tasking machines.
Production with higher efficiency and unsurpassed ease of operation thanks to a variety of Intelligent Functions.
Compact Machine Realizing DONE IN ONE Operation.
The INTEGREX i-150 will significantly improve your productivity of small workpiece machining.
Integrex i series The INTEGREX i series, the fifth generation Mazak multi-tasking machine,
features a large machining area and high accuracy plus ease of operation
and convenient maintenance thanks to the ergonomic machine design.
• Long strokes for large workpiece capacity
• 5-axis simultaneous machining for complex workpieces
• Processing from raw material to finish workpiece in a single setup
• High-power spindle for heavy-duty cutting

Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY Bar work capability main spindle (dependant on chuck system) 65 mm
Maximum machining length 385 mm
MAIN SPINDLE Rotating speed maximum 5,000 min-¹
Motor output (40% ED rating) 11.0 kW
MILLING HEAD Motor output (20% ED rating) 7.5 kW
Milling spindle speed maximum 12,000 min-¹
FEED AXES Movement stroke X 370 mm
Movement stroke Z 435 mm
Movement stroke Y 200 mm
Movement stroke W 300 mm