Materials for Metal Manufacturing


Extensive selection of quality-tested materials: EOS metal powder materials for optimum product properties from DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) using Additive Manufacturing

EOS has an extremely high level of materials expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of sophisticated metals for direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) using Additive Manufacturing. Our materials, systems and process parameters are perfectly matched, allowing excellent reproduction of the defined property profiles. What is more, EOS is constantly refining its high-tech materials based on specific customer requirements.

For the production of metal components using DLMS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), EOS offers a comprehensive selection of metal powders ranging from aluminium, maraging steel and high-grade steel through to titanium as well as nickel and cobalt chrome alloys. This allows highly individualised products to be manufactured in exceptional quality.

We will be more than happy to provide intense advice and support when it comes to selecting materials. In this way, you benefit from our longstanding experience and our high-grade, extensively quality-tested materials so as to be able to meet your design, development and production goals.

  • Materials expertise developed continuously over a period of more than 20 years
  • Materials, systems and process parameters are harmonised for excellent results
  • Very high degree of flexibility in design and development
  • Matching materials ideally support the required product property profiles
  • EOS materials are able to meet most requirements
  • Efficient production processes and high-tech materials allow economical production of innovative components according to the very highest industry standards

Metal material

For a full list of metal materials and extensive technical data please click here to download the most recent information from EOS