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EOS Consulting – Quick and successful entry into industrial 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing Consulting (AMC)  – Transferring innovations to the manufacturing process

The EOS consulting portfolio helps industrial companies with the quick and successful entry into industrial 3D printing. Our consulting services rapidly convey a needs-oriented understanding of technology, which can be used to develop innovative applications and transfer the same into series production.

Our customers utilise the entire potential of additive manufacturing (AM) to achieve significant competitive advantages. In this context, experienced EOS advisors and specialists assist with improving the quality of components and taking full advantage of the performance of the EOS systems. In this way, our customers steadily increase the productivity of their own processes – with EOS Consulting as a reliable partner at every step of the process.

Visit EOS for a list of up to date training courses available. The knowledge held within EOS has been developing since 1989. This gives EOS a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Do you have an idea for a new product or maybe you’re already using 3D printing? EOS consulting service can help you develop you’re products from scratch or help you improve on you’re processes to get even more from your system.

HW Machine Tools are also at hand to help you get the best results from your system. We have a reputation of going above and beyond when guiding our CNC customers through to fantastic results, our 3D printing after sales support is no different. 

Feel free to contact us any time to discover how you can best implement additive manufacturing into your business.